WMS is Joining EMDSL (Wingham Minor Soccer)

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Monday, January 2, 2023

Hello Wingham Minor Soccer community,

As 2023 begins, we wanted to reach out to the Wingham Minor Soccer (WMS) community to inform you of changes in the North Huron Soccer League (NHSL) during this off season. Early in the fall it became apparent that the NHSL as we knew it was about to expire. When we heard this news the WMS Executive, along with other centres in our league, decided to join Elgin Middlesex Soccer Association (EMSA) and Elgin Middlesex Soccer League (EMDSL). EMSA is the insurance body that covers insurance for players. EMDSL is going to be the new league that WMS will belong to.

So, what does the change to the EMDSL mean for WMS families?

What Stays the Same?

Most importantly, we are hopeful that we will be able to compete against the same centres we played with last year (Clinton, Goderich, Exeter) and rejoin with St. Columban. Our age divisions will also stay the same: Kiddy Kickers, U6 and U8 will remain a “Local League”, in that they will play against other teams based in Wingham.  Our travel teams (U9, U11, U13, U15 and U18) will play against other centres.  U13 and up will be 11 vs.11 players.  With the cost of living for seemingly everything rising these days, we are happy to report that the registration fee will not have to increase.

What Changes?

1.Field sizes and number of players for U9 and U11:

  • U9 will have 4 players out and a goalie and will play on a smaller field

  • U11 will have 7 vs 7, so 6 on the field and a goalie and will also play on a smaller field

2. Another welcome change that the Executive is excited about is that the EMDSL is a larger league with more centres. As a result, WMS is able to register our clubs at different levels: Tier 1 is Recreational/House League, Tier 3 is Competitive (select, Rep) and Tier 2 is a mix of both.  As a soccer club we have decided to register all travel teams at the recreational division for thw 2023 season. However, if there is an age group with a strong soccer team their coach (along with the parents) can decide to move up into the Tier 2 division (or higher) to have more competitive games. We also understand that our recreational travel teams will have the chance to register for tournament(s) if they so desire.

3. In order to better develop our players, we are making it mandatory for our coaches to complete a few training courses before the season starts.  Please note that this commitment will take no more than a few hours of time and can be completed at your leisure well before the season begins.  While there is an up-front cost to take these courses, WMS has committed to reimburse any costs incurred in this process.  More importantly, these courses will give our coaches the tools they need to develop our players.  More information will be passed on at a later date.

We want to end this email by reminding you that each member of the WMS Executive is also a WMS parent as well. Please know that the interests and desires of our players, coaches, families and community are at the forefront of any decisions that are made.  While this is a necessary change, we are trying to forge a path that is best for all involved.  

As always, if you have any questions please reach out via email.

Happy New Year!

The Wingham Minor Soccer Executive

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