Referees (Wingham Minor Soccer)


One of the most challenging activities within soccer is to become a referee. It is rewarding to be involved in a leadership position - to ensure the safety of the players, to keep the match flowing, protect the skilled players and to encourage fair play and enjoyment by the participants.

Individuals who are 14 years of age or older, as of April 1st of the current registration year, are welcome to take the initial training course to become a referee, that is, the Class 4 Entry-Level Course. WMSA does not require this course but highly recommends it. Have you ever thought of refereeing? If you have, this is definitely the year to start! We need referees for all age categories starting at the U8 category. The U8, U9 age groups need someone who knows the basics of soccer. You are like an extra coach on the field and need to communicate with the players as to what they are doing right and what they need help with. They play on a smaller field so you don’t need to run as much. The older age groups, U11 to U18 play on a regular sized playing field and your knowledge of the game needs to be that much greater. This is a great chance to get some good exercise while viewing a free soccer game. If you are interested in attending April referee clinics, there are opportunities in Listowel and Clinton. Contact our Referee-In-Chief Adam Garniss.


EMSA Caution FORM (pdf)

EMSA Caution FORM (Excel)

EMSA Dismissal FORM (pdf)

EMSA Dismissal FORM (Excel)

EMSA Referee Assault FORM

** Please make sure to attach the original game sheet, but make a copy for your records. Please submit report within two days.

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